About Us

PharoDercks is a language school in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

With us, it’s all about having a feeling for language. Language is more than just Google Translate. It’s really a piece of life art. Languages have their own souls, tempers and temperatures. One can very simply and effectively translate the words needed to order a beer into hundreds of languages. Making this sound offensive or charming is another story. For that special something, you need a bit more: the melody and the nuances for example. These things are what we aim to give to our students With enjoyment. Conscious, comparative and thus more firmly anchored in our memories. We do not promise that within a few weeks – or even days – you will develop a language skill that is sufficient for “simple everyday situations”. We consider this concept obsolete, and we can confidently leave these simple foreign-language steps to the available technology today. To be perfectly honest, there really was never a great need for foreign languages, one or two words in the local language proved to be perfectly adequate for most purposes – you do not have to take a language course for that. But to combine knowledge, retrieve existing connections and to work out differences is our approach. We believe that one shouldn’t simply learn a language. Experiencing a language is much more rewarding. This is our goal at PharoDercks.

Buchholzer Straße 17

Buchholzer Straße large classroom 

Schönhauser Allee 58

Schönhauser Allee 58 small classroom