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Language School and Translations

Private lessons

German – French – Norwegian – English – all levels – flexible schedule

  • 10 times 60 minutes: 390,- 
  • 10 times 90 minutes: 590,-

personal – friendly – professional

Group courses

small groups – nice atmosphere

German A1

Complete A1 course. It can be continued with A2 course in following semester.

26 lessons of 90 minutes (52 UE)

Fee: 395,- € including teaching materials

4 to 8 participants

Twice a week | on Tuesdays & Thursdays | 18:00 to 19:30 h | Course number: DeA1Gr0119

more information & registration
German A2

Complete level A2 (A1 level is required). It can be continued with a B1 course in following semester. 

26 lessons of 90 minutes (52 UE)

Fee: 395,- € including teaching materials

4 to 8 participants

Twice a week | on Tuesdays & Thursdays | 20:00 to 21:30 h  | Course number: DeA2Gr0119 

Twice a week | on Wednesdays & Fridays | 8:00 to 9:30 h  | Course number: DeA2Gr0219 

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Workshop German grammar for beginners (A1/A2)

The Workshop treats central aspects of German grammar, with special focus on those topics which experience has shown to be causing difficulties for people learning German. 

The course is suitable as repetition as well as a supplement along with another course. 

10 lessons of 90 minutes (20UE)

Course fee: 220,- € including learning materials

4 – 10 participants

once a week | on Tuesdays | 20:30 to 22:00 h | course number: DeGram10119

once a week | on Saturdays | 12:00 to 13:30 h | course number: DeGram10219

more information & registration
German B1

On demand B1 group courses can be organised  at other times than those scheduled below. You can write your preferred times in the registration form and we will try to meet your wishes.

The course covers level B1.  Participation requires obtained A2 level.  The course can be continued with a B2 course in following semester.

26 lessons of 90 minutes (52 UE)

Course fee: 395,- € including learning materials

4 – 8 participants

Twice a week | on Wednesday & Fridays | 8:00 to 9:30 h

Course number: DeB1Gr0119

more information & registration
German B2

The course covers level B2.  Participation requires obtained B1 level.  

On demand B2 group courses can also be organised  at other times than scheduled. Write your preferred times in the registration form and we shall try to meet your wishes.

26 lessons of 90 minutes (52 UE)

Course fee: 450,- € including learning material

4 – 8 participants

1 to 4 times a week | Mon to Fry | 10:00 to 18:00 h

course number: DeB2Gr0119

more information & registration
Workshop German grammar - B1/B2

Workshop with main focus on grammar treated on B1/B2 levels. 

10 lessons of 90 minutes (20UE)

4 to 10 participants

course fee 220,- € including learning material

once a week  | on Thursdays | 20:30 to 22:00 h
Begin: 5th of March | course number: DeGram20119

once a week | on Saturdays | 10:00 to 11:30 h
Begin: 9th of March

course number: DeGram20219

Registration deadline: 28th of  February

more information & registration

Getting there

PharoDercks language school is centrally located in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, on the well-known and busy avenue Schönhauser Allee. Just 6 minutes from Alexanderplatz. You can easily get there by U-Bahn, S-Bahn and/or Tram:

U2 | M10 Eberswalder Straße 

S41 | S42 | S8 | S9 Schönhauser Allee

M1 Milastraße

Tram 12 Raumerstraße


Schönhauser Allee 58

D- 10437 Berlin


+49 30 23 57 35 44

The language school

Norwegian, German and French are the principal languages taught in our institution. We offer different language courses which can be booked as private lessons or in small groups . The courses can easily be adapted to meet your special needs, interests and preconditions which differentiates us from conventional language courses. In addition to our language courses for adults:

Way of learning

We rely and build on conscious learning, because we are convinced that languages can not be learned only through reciting and repeating glossary, but through relating to the patterns we are familiar with. Hence we may soon discover that we already know a great deal more than we think in a new language. We simply relate our existing knowledge to the new one and use the old to understand the new. 

We believe in elaborating on connections, similarities and systematic differences and contrasts between the languages we already know and the language we are learning. This is namely experiencing it and understanding its nature. This is a key to give a meaning to grammar, to make it interesting and to simplify it’s learning process, instead of memorizing an abstract structure. We call this method of studying languages a comparative and contrastive approach. 


We do not promise that you will develop language skills for daily conversations within a few days or weeks as often promised elsewhere. We consider this concept an outdated approach. These simple steps in a foreign language might as well be  taken care of by the benefits of today’s technology. To be honest, no one really needs to be fluent or advanced in a foreign language to get around.   

For us it is the feeling of the language which matters. It is an art of living rather than Google Translate.  A language has it’s own soul, temper and temperature. Ordering a beer can easily and efficiently be translated into hundreds of languages, but whether it will sound offensive or charming, is not that easy to depict. In order to be able to communicate these feelings, there needs to be more ; the intonation, the ductus, the nuances. Mit Freude!  By comparing consciously, the skills we acquire are anchored more solidly into our memory, just because it now makes sense to us.

The translation service

We offer professional translation services. 

English to Norwegian, German, Danish, French and vice versa, for a broad range of needs. Send us your text, and we make you an offer.

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The art gallery

Art of Berlin, by Berliners and of friends of the city are our main focus.

You will find variety of products, ranging from the PharoDercks Postcard Edition, to large formatted pictures, paintings, drawings, as well as books,  and some other small and large artworks, mostly made in Berlin. At our gallery at Schönhauser Allee. 

Art and Artists