Torkjell Pharo-Dercks

Torkjell Pharo-Dercks  founder and co-owner of the PharoDercks language school. He is responsible for the entire area of languages, language teaching, coaching, translations, quality assurance and examination matters. His language skills include both Germanic languages, such as German, Norwegian, Dutch and Swedish, as well as the Romance languages French, Spanish and Italian. His language lessons at the PharoDercks language school focus on German, French and Norwegian. He teaches at levels A1 to C1 / 2 for these languages and offers both basic courses and thematic workshops.

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Björg Hellum

Bjørg Hellum,  PharoDercks language schools high-caliber cast for our English seminars, is a dedicated and passionate instructor. Through her many years of academic work in the field of English communication, as a private lecturer, as a lecturer at universities, and previously as a language teacher in school, Ms. Hellum can draw on a wealth of knowledge, practical application and teaching experience. She runs our special seminars, mainly in English, but also Norwegian or German, which are tailored to different needs, especially dealing with practical communication.

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Anna Mars

Anna Mars, German and French teacher at the PharoDercks school,  has many years of experience, both in youth and in adult education. Her center of life is Paris and Berlin, German and French are everyday languages. She teaches groups and individual courses from A1 to B2 level. She uses a sophisticated methodology, supported by logically lively blackboard graphics, focusing on the joy of learning and understanding.

In her capacity as a communication designer, illustrator and freelance artist, Anna Mars combines language & art – art & language and conducts seminars on this topics (A1 / A2 and B1 / B2 level). Since 2008 she has been giving courses for school classes and further training for teachers and educators in Landart. She has developed her own methodological concepts. Her studies of communication design at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, took her eventually to Paris, where she graduated in illustration at the Parisian École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.

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Karsten Eckardt

Karsten Eckardt, Germanist and Theatre Scientists, lecturer and film essayist. Teacher of German as a foreign language at the Language Centre of Humboldt University for twenty years, guest lecturer for German as a foreign language at upper school level (B2-C2). His seminars Kulturverführer and Sprachverführer are legendary. At PharoDercks, the seminars are reduced in scope compared to the university context..

Short vitae on his page (in German): Grown up in Dresden. Summer ’89 getaway via Hungary to West Berlin, after the fall of the wall move back to the east of the city. Five years later graduates in German and Theatre Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. First years employments as a theatre director and German teacher. New departure, to the USA and Canada as a college lecturer, first steps with film. Since returning to Berlin, DaF teacher at Humboldt University, commissions as documentary filmmaker and work on film essays. In recent years, five feature-length films have been made in addition to short films.

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