Whether you are only planning a trip to Norway and therefore wish to acquire insight into the Norwegian language, or you are considering to emigrate to Norway, these courses are perfect for any Norwegian learner.

We offer a variety of options from the preparation for the Bergenstesten to easy language courses for vacation and travelling. These courses will be adjusted to meet your needs, your current level and requirements.

Our Norwegian courses are held by experienced teachers and lecturers whose mother tongue is Norwegian, Torkjell Pharo-Dercks and Bjørg Hellum.

Course for levels A1 | A2 | B1 | B2

From four participants (max. 6) we set up group lessons. The courses are planned according to demand, once or twice a week. The start is usually September / October and February / March.

Our group courses cover entire levels . You may continue on to a next level course upon completion. 

14 Sessions of 90 minutes (28 UE) | 28 lesson hours |  once or twice a week

4 to 6 participants

Course fee: 290,- € / book incl.


With two to three participants, smaller groups are set up.

14 Sessions of 90 minutes (28 UE) | 28 lesson hours |  once or twice a week

3 participants: 380,- € / book incl.

2 participants: 580,- € / book incl.

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Level C1 and C2

If there is a corresponding demand, we will set up literature or communication courses for advanced learners. The start is usually September / October and February / March.

The seminars take place in groups of two to four participants. 

14 sessions of 90 minutes (28 lesson hours)

4 participants course fee: 290, – € / including material

3 participants course fee: 380,- € / including material

2 participants course fee: 580, – € / including material

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Private lessons | 1 to 1

Individual courses can be set up at any time, even at short notice. In addition to the “classic” 90 minutes course, there are also courses with a length of 60 minutes. Scope, times and content are flexibly designed according to your wishes. We would be happy to advise you personally.

Individual coaching hour:

60 minutes: 69,– €

90 minutes:  89,- €

Package with 10 dates:

10 x 60 minutes: 590,– €

10 x 90 minutes: 790,– €

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