Bjørg Hellum

Bjørg is responsible for all English seminars and workshops at PharoDercks. She has years of experience teaching various at various levels of secondary school as well as undergrad courses in universities. Her English courses are made especially for those who are looking to gain more practical experience with the English language. Developing communication skills for real-life situations is the main focus.

She is a dedicated and passionate course instructor. Her many years of experience in the field of English communication allow her to be of great help to students in just about any situation. 


After 2016: Retirement from post as Associate Professor in Norway and settlement in Berlin:

  • In-house training of English business communication. Intermediate to high level (B2/C1). Example: Markengold, a PR agency
  • Individual and group training of “English for the job”. Lower, intermediate or higher (A/B/C) level.
  • Teaching beginner’s/survival German to Norwegians
  • Teaching beginner’s/survival Norwegian to Germans
  • Being external examiner at two universities (HiØ and Oslo Metropolitan University), English business communication courses

1998-2016: Associate Professor at Høgskolen i Østfold / Østfold University of Applied Sciences (HiØ), Halden, Norway and academic head of Bachelor’s Programme in International Communication:

  • Curriculum development and teaching of:
  • Professional communication in English such as presentations, email and memo writing, business negotiations
  • Corporate communication, English: corporate identity and reputation, crisis communication
  • Copywriting: writing for the media and for advertising, English
  • Functional translation, i.e. cross-cultural and transcreational translation, Norwegian-English-Norwegian
  • Communication training (in Norwegian) for student leaders

2010-2016: English communication training for academic and administrative staff at HiØ

  • Training academics to present research papers at international conferences
  • Training administrative staff to communicate with international students and universities: oral communication and emails
  • Editing PhD theses written in English

2000-2006: Participating in “Competence Enhancement in the Østfold Region”, training English business communication in companies such as:

  • Fortum, a merger of electricity providers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries
  • English chosen as corporate language, thus language training was needed for lower and intermediate management staff for presentations, board meetings, email writing etc.

1995-97: Lecturer at NKI University College (now part of Kristiania University College, Oslo)

  • Teaching technical and business English and environmental management
  • Participating in developing a fully-fledged problem-based curriculum

1982-1997: Lecturer at Hærens ingeniørhøgskole / the Norwegian Army College of Engineering, a combined military training school and university of construction engineering 

  • Curriculum development and teaching of courses in
  • Technical, business and military English
  • Technical German
  • Environment management for construction engineers
  • Training civilian Army technicians in personnel management and communication
  • Leading the development of a new, problem-based and project-oriented curriculum in the engineering college
  •  One year: teaching technical English to car mechanics in a vocational school in the Norwegian Army

Mid 1990s: Teaching English in a business college specialising in teacher training for vocational studies 

Mid 1990s: Developing and teaching extracurricular courses for students at various Norwegian universities: “The first-year university experience” (study technique etc.)

1973-1980: Teacher in Lower Secondary School in Norway (14-16 years old pupils)

  • Teaching English, German and social studies

Cand.Philol. degree (between Master’s and PhD) from the University of Oslo with English as main subject and also comprising German, Norwegian, and pedagogy and teacher training

Separate courses: Environmental management (NTNU); Project management; the Freshman Year Experience (USA)

Unfinished PhD project, researching corporate identity and reputation (University of Aarhus, Denmark)