German at PharoDercks language school

For all levels we offer one-to-one lessons, conversations courses, grammar workshops or “partner” groups of two. If you are a group of friends or colleagues wishing to learn or improve your German together, we will be happy to organize this for you.

At levels A1 and A2 our policy is to have questions and explanations in English, in a group of English speakers. Speaking and practicing German remains a central part of the course, increasing as the group advances. At B1 and further levels the option of getting explanations or opportunity to ask questions in English will still be given.   

A1/A2 repetition courses

This course offers a repetition of central elements of levels A1 and A2 explained in English.

A minimum number of 4 people are required to be registered to open a class. These classes will normally take place once or twice a week,for the duration of 90 minutes.

Beginners A1 and beginners A2 taught in English

Asking questions and getting explanations in a language that one understands is important for beginners, especially when learning a language with challenging grammar such as German. Explaning and understanding the principles of German language is an essential component of the course, along with the actual practice of the language.

B1 continuation of previous courses A1/2

At this level the teacher will increasingly explain in German, in a pedagogical and uncomplicated manner. Students should as well try to ask questions in German. Certain difficult grammar phenomena can/will be explained in English, if not understood. 

Workshops German grammar

In German language schools most German courses are taught in German, even for beginners. Grammar is often not treated in a thorough manner. German grammar is however quite challenging.

This Workshop treats the most important grammar rules, with special focus on those topics which experience has shown to be causing difficulties for people learning German. 

The course is also suitable as an addition to other German courses.

Highly qualified teachers

The courses are held by a very qualified teacher with years of experience in teaching German in Norwegian high schools. He, himself, has had to learn German as a foreign language and has scored (1.0), best possible result on his “Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom” test. 

German didactics

Hence, he has first hand experience in the difficulties of learning German as a second language.  He has solid theoretical, grammatical and didactic competencies which he has acquired during his university studies enabling him to explain clearly any grammatical phenomenon, not only the “how”, but also the “why”. He is officially authorised to teach in German schools.