Torkjell Pharo-Dercks

Founder and co-owner of PharoDerck’s Language & Art. He is responsible for the entire area of languages, language teaching, coaching, translations, quality assurance and examination matters. His language skills include both Germanic languages, such as German, Norwegian, Dutch and Swedish, as well as Romance languages French, Spanish and Italian. His language lessons at the PharoDercks language school focus on German, French and Norwegian. He teaches at the levels A1 to C2 for these languages and offers both basic courses and thematic workshops.

received his Baccalauréat général in France. He studied in Berlin and Oslo, is a linguist with a “master i språk” from the University of Oslo. He has also studied pedagogy and is thus a trained teacher. Torkjell Pharo-Dercks has the teaching permission for German and Norwegian schools, up to the Abiturstufe (A-Levels) of high schools. He has many years of experience in the teaching of foreign languages, both at primary and secondary schools, as well as in adult education.

Torkjell Pharo-Dercks is fluent in German, French and Norwegian as well as English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Dutch, and can incorporate references, links and developments in the history of language into the classroom. This makes the lessons more exciting and learning easier.

This approach is called the comparative and contrastive approach: learning foreign languages by working out systematic similarities and differences between the language to be learned and the mother tongue, or other languages that one already knows.